Mortgage lending via direct banks: a smart decision

Often it turns out in the interesting comparison that attracts the best terms of mortgage lending at a direct bank. But many aspiring builders and buyers are only partially pleased, they would like to have financed the property through their house bank.

Thus, there is a certain amount of skepticism and many people are wondering what they should do now. The question is usually: “who should I contact in case of an emergency at a direct bank?” This uncertainty is perfectly normal and widespread.

A punctual payout is important


Nevertheless, nobody needs to be afraid. It is best to, first of all, keep an eye on the risks of real estate financing. The biggest risk of the borrower is that his loan is not paid out. Timely payment is important so that the project does not falter or even unwanted additional costs.

Fortunately, there have never been any difficulties in this regard. Millions of homeowners have long been financially successful through direct banking and have had very good experiences. The loans were paid on time.

Ultimately, there is only the need to meet the pre-announced payment conditions. For example, the land charge must be ordered in good time and evidence of building insurance must be available.

Incidentally, these requirements apply not only to direct banks but to all real estate financiers. This means that a local bank would only pay out its loan if the conditions for payment are demonstrably met.

The bank carries a greater risk

The bank carries a greater risk

All risks that follow are with the bank. She has to hope that the borrower will pay his installments every month. In this sense, the bank takes a much greater risk. This, incidentally, is the reason why banks check every lending transaction in detail. They need to make sure their customers are able to safely spend the monthly installments at all times.

Contact the lender

Thus, only the topic of communication remains. In this context, many people imagine they could better reach the advisors of their house bank. Granted, the banks also advertise intensively. Regional banks promise in advertising that they are always available to their customers locally.

But the reality looks different. Who compares opening and consulting times, will quickly find that the direct banks score with a much better accessibility. Thus, there is nothing to fear in this regard.

Especially since several regional banks still consistently insist on their personal branch visit, ie if there is a concern, it is necessary to plan a relatively large amount of time.

Anyone who has financed through a direct bank, simply write an e-mail to then receive a competent answer. Otherwise, the handle is recommended to the phone, so that a financing specialist answers the questions immediately.

Interest rate comparison with over 400 banks and building societies


You want to finance a property and are looking for a low-interest loan? We are happy to advise you! As part of our financing comparison, we evaluate current mortgage lending conditions of more than 400 financing partners.

This quickly determines which bank offers the loan that suits you and at the same time scores on the interest rate. Your request is, of course, free of charge and without obligation, ie you do not undertake any obligation.

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